Raleigh, we want to know about your chipmunks.

Eastern Chipmunk

We were surprised to find chipmunks in just a few of our back-yard cameras in the Raleigh area.  Given that chipmunks are so common in other urban areas, why are they so spotty in their distribution here?  We are at the edge of their range, so perhaps the same factors that affect their distribution within the Triangle area also keep them out of the Coastal Plain.

Lets find out – tell us where you have seen chipmunks using this form and we’ll see if we can spot a pattern.


[note, these addresses (without other personal information) are stored in our personal database and will not made public in raw-format (just as a map).  Fine-scale differences might be important, so providing a street address makes your contribution more valuable (but is not required)]

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6 thoughts on “Raleigh, we want to know about your chipmunks.

  1. Dude, people shouldn’t be putting their home addresses into public sites. There should be a better way to identify wider locations.

  2. rolandisimo

    Roger, these data are not public, they are sent to a protected spreadsheet that only we have access too. Also, we are not asking for your personal information, just an address where chipmunks are found. In this case, fine-scale variation could be important, so a street number does make the information more valuable (although not required). Thanks for your concern.

  3. Nik

    We see them all over north hills

  4. Gary Craven

    I have Chipmunks here in the foothills year round. Catawba County.

  5. Jane Lasley

    Chipmunks are everywhere in 5 Pts. &Fallon Park areas. Have you considered that there might be a correlation between bird feeder locations and chipmunk distribution? Chipmunks spend a huge amt. of their time under bird feeders, gleaning what falls to the ground.

  6. Barbara Page

    We have chipmunks in the area near our garden. As you say, they appear frantic to find food. We love to see them go back and forth on their search for food. We raise enough in the garden to share with chipmunks, neighbors and friends. Our chipmunks also live near our bird feeders. We have geese, foxes, field mice, hawks, birds of all kinds in our yard. Also have had a ground hog at one time. So we feel lucky to have all kinds of wildlife-if you can call them wild!

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